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Yospace unveils HLS Player for Flash

Yospace has introduced an HLS Player for Flash that allows broadcasters and content owners to reduce the number of formats needed to encode and store, while maintaining service for the installed base of Flash users during the transition to HTML5.

HLS is the video delivery format developed by Apple for its mobile devices, which do not support Flash. As well as the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad, the format is also used in Android devices and online services such as Roku. It is becoming a de facto standard protocol to deliver video into HTML5 environments.

The development by Yospace is a component that can be added by developers into an existing Flash-based player to allow it to consume HLS streams natively.

Providers of online media, including broadcasters and on-demand services, are charged by their content delivery networks for the bandwidth to carry content to edge servers and the storage cost of caching content there. This development by Yospace reduces the number of formats that need to be distributed, and thus the CDN charges.