Xstation from VertigoXmedia provides channel-in-a-box

The Xstation channel-in-a-box solution now available from VertigoXmedia contains all the resources needed to create, schedule and broadcast complete DTV subchannels or info channels incorporating national, local, and hyperlocal content.

Xstation is a bundle including several applications from Vertigo's Xmedia Suite platform and the VertigoXG graphics engine. It provides dynamic control over long-form clips, promos, commercial spots, data tickers and crawls, sponsor logos, local weather, and channel branding using a station's existing traffic system, or as a standalone solution.

Xstation is based on the template-driven functionality of Vertigo's Xmedia Suite with integral support for numerous data sources including AP, Bloomberg, STATS, Weather Central, Reuters and Hyperfeed, as well as local and networked files, databases and Web feeds.

Xstation can be driven from a station's existing traffic system with full as-run traffic reconciliation to provide a complete end-to-end solution. Alternatively, Xstation can run as a standalone solution, with both automated and manual control capabilities, due to its scheduling and control tools.

For more information, visit www.vertigoxmedia.com.

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