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WHDH-TV delivers live, roaming coverage of Celtics celebration

WHDH-TV Channel 7 News presented viewers with a live front row seat to all of the post-game festivities and ticker parade celebrating the Boston Celtics’ first world championship in more than 20 years using Nucomm’s CamPac 2 wireless camera transmitter and Newscaster DR diversity receiver.

After defeating the Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs, Celtics players were interviewed by WHDH-TV as they entered and exited the locker room for firsthand reactions to their victory.

According to Sam James, WHDH-TV news operation manager, getting as much coverage of the celebration was critical to the station’s success given “this game was monumental for all of Boston.”

The Nucomm CamPac 2 eliminated the umbilical cord from the truck to the camera, giving the station’s news crews the ability to shoot from anywhere on the floor and from the locker room, he said. That freedom to move translated into the station’s viewers feeling as if they were part of the celebration. Nucomm’s Newcaster DR delivered stable reception without breakups regardless of the distance involved while shooting in the TD Banknorth Garden, he said.

Days after the championship game, WHDH-TV continued its coverage of the Celtics festivities as it led the live broadcast of the Celtics victory parade. The CamPac 2 gave the station the flexibility to roam freely and alleviated concerns over having to run cable amid all the action, James said.

For the parade, WHDH-TV used one of Nucomm’s CamPac 2s to interview players prior to its start and another at the finish line for crowd interviews. For coverage along the parade route, a CamPac 2 was used by one of the camera operators who walked alongside the players, who were interviewed using a remote microphone that linked up with the camera.

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