WABC-TV to track news vans

A system from WPCS International will allow the New York City station to keep tabs on where its news vans are in relationship to breaking stories

When words such as “workflow,” “efficiency” and “technology” are heard around the newsroom these days, they generally are used in the context of IT infrastructure, desktop editing and tapeless video file transfer.

However, a new concept — automatic vehicle locator or AVL — is poised to join the ranks of those transformational news technologies. That’s because WABC-TV in New York City will be adding AVL technology to its fleet of news vehicles.

WPCS International, a wireless infrastructure services and specialty communications services company, will provide the technology. With AVL, WABC will be able to track the location of its news vans to determine where they are in relation to a breaking story. The system also will allow news managers to determine exactly when a news van arrives at the scene to cover a story.

The AVL tracking is done through a wireless signal transmitted from an antenna located on the van.

For more information, visit www.wpcs.com.

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