VOD, DVR have positive impact on families, says survey

Families with children frequently use on-demand television services, such as VOD and DVRs, to manage their television viewing experiences, according to a survey conducted for Comcast by Horowitz Associates.

Released in mid-March, the national survey found that VOD and DVRs are playing an increasingly significant role in the daily lives of families and their ability to control TV viewing.

Frequent users of on-demand services said they watch more television as a family, have fewer conflicts about what to watch, and always find appropriate shows for their children to watch.

The survey, "The Role of On-Demand Services in Household Dynamics," was conducted via telephone in December 2005, using a random sample of Comcast cable customers with children ages 12 and under from across the country.

Among frequent on-demand users, the survey found that:

  • 85 percent of customers indicated they "always have appropriate shows available for their children to watch."
  • 65 percent said they "have fewer conflicts about what to watch on TV."
  • 63 percent said they "watch more television as a family."
  • 56 percent said the service "helps them reduce the stress they feel from having to juggle their kids’, family and personal schedules."
  • 47 percent said they feel VOD makes it "easier to negotiate with their kids about doing homework and chores without them complaining about missing their TV shows."

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