Vizrt to unveil 3G graphics platform at IBC2006

Vizrt will unveil the Viz|3G graphics platform for mobile phones at IBC2006. This marks the first integration of a real-time graphics engine for mobile phone video viewing. Viz|3G is based on Vizrt’s Viz|Engine renderer and group subsidiary company Adactus’ MPEG-21-based multimedia delivery platform. Vizrt also plans to demonstrate the 3G integration, whereby graphics produced by the Viz|Trio CG can be distributed to mobile phones by the Viz|3G server.

Among the features in the new Viz|3G release are video streaming support from the new MPEG-21-controlled mobile streaming server and encoding platform, RSS data support for tickers and other similar applications, presentation of commercials and a back-office system for user and content management.

At IBC, Vizrt will demonstrate a prototype of a lightweight Viz|Engine renderer running on a cell phone. This will provide real-time, hardware-accelerated graphics on the client hardware and the opportunity for bespoke advertising animations, tailored to the phone user’s profile and even the location of the user.

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