VidOvation to showcase Meridian OFDM HD-SDI wireless link at 2013 NAB Show

VidOvation will showcase the Meridian on-camera OFDM 5.1GHz–5.9GHz wireless HD-SDI link at the 2013 NAB Show.

The Meridian system provides high image quality and zero-delay OFDM technology. Current on-camera wireless HD-SDI video links typically can provide coverage from 150ft at best. 

Meridian uses multiple rotating hinged ducktail antennas on the camera-mounted transmitters and receivers. By orienting the antennas at various angles, rather than all alike, the MIMO signals are polarized differently.

This helps eliminate dead zones, where similarly polarized signals are caught in a common trap. Even better coverage is possible with the Meridian by detaching the receiver antennas and spreading them over a wider area.

This can be done with standard coax cables with appropriate RF connectors. With proper antenna polarization and placement, Meridian consistently delivers up to 300ft with ducktails, and up to 600ft with optional high gain antennas.