Video-over-IP, satellite combo delivers Palestinian elections coverage

Reports on the recent Palestinian Authority elections to the outside world were transmitted via video-over-IP platforms over a hybrid of fiber-optic and satellite service.

To provide video to the rest of the world, SatLink Communications and Palmedia, the exclusive providers of video from the authority to the world, deployed Scopus video-over-IP platforms, which carried live reports over local IP infrastructure and transmitted them internationally via satellite.

The coverage was one of the first instances in which IP-based contribution infrastructure for a live event and satellite technology have been merged. Emergence of this hybrid approach should allow satellite operators to reduce operating costs and, for the first time, bring broadcast quality into the IP world.

SatLink and Palmedia used Scopus encoders and decoders to bring live election coverage over IP connectivity from media centers in major Palestinian cities to local production houses and internationally via satellite to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America.

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