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Video Technics debuts Apella software v4.5 at NAB2008

Video Technics released v4.5 of its Apella ingest, edit, master control and playout software suite at NAB2008. The new release contains several significant enhancements, including the enhancement of the VT MOS Gateway to provide status feedback at all times. This allows producers working on an upcoming show that has not yet aired to monitor the “requested” versus “ready” package status.

Video Technics allows almost any type of storage device to be incorporated as a VT Media Location. The SQL database engine seamlessly tracks media assets throughout their entire lifecycle and across multiple media locations as a single logical storage volume. Assets can be moved on demand or scheduled to transfer at any time.

All Apella products and client software are fully compatible with .NET and Matrox v5.0, and the VDCP interface is now configurable to support either numeric-only or alphanumeric clip IDs for record and playout by third-party automation systems. The v4.5 Apella software release has been certified with VT’s NAS solution, which provides an aggregate bandwidth of more than 1GB/s, making it suitable for HD workflow environments.

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