U.S.-based Chinese broadcaster relies on Optibase transmission, archiving solution

China Central Television (CCTV), China's largest national TV channel, has integrated three Optibase products to create ad insertion, playout and archiving of broadcast material at San Francisco affiliate station KTSF Channel 26.

KTSF receives two all-digital programming channels from CCTV, and broadcasts them to San Francisco-based Chinese-speaking viewers.

CCTV programming is dedicated to reporting global news and supporting Chinese commerce. KTSF takes this content and combines it with local advertising from the San Francisco Bay area. The advertising content is digitized using the Optibase MPEG MovieMaker 200S encoder, and inserted into CCTV programming using Optibase's DVB-ASI MPEG-2 transport stream platform, MediaPump 533. Due to strict programming guidelines, the content must be monitored and stored. To do this, the broadcasts are encoded into MPEG-4 using the Optibase MPEG MovieMaker 400. This data is streamed back to China and also stored for 90 days per U.S. regulations.

For more information, visit www.optibase.com

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