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Twister PaintStation goes HD

VDS will unveil its new Twister PaintStation HD at NAB2008. The system is a complete paint, graphic content and workflow utility application designed specifically for broadcasters. Twister combines full-feature graphic design tools with custom browser utilities that solve many typical workflow issues that broadcasters face daily.

The Twister PaintStation HD provides high-quality SD/HD frame grab and output along with the ability to key and preview live graphics (real-time paint) over incoming video. This also includes the ability to grab video from canvas directly to layers. Twister can also switch instantly between HD and SD operating modes at the click of a button. Twister has been infused with many broadcast-friendly features such as R/W Photoshop layers and direct connection/file support for most industry-standard devices from companies such as Chyron, Aprisa, Pinnacle, Avid, ORAD, Quantel and VDS.

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