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Tut System unveils XLP-6800 power-over-broadband line

Tut Systems has introduced its new XLP-6800 power-over-broadband product line, which eliminates the 300ft distance limitation of such systems by delivering both power and broadband IP connectivity across distances up to 8000ft.

XLP also eliminates the cost of pulling new Ethernet or fiber cable because the product line is designed to operate over ordinary telephone-grade wires. In many cases, this will enable security zones to be deployed across 3mi wide areas by simply using existing telephone connections.

By delivering both power and IP connectivity over a single network connection, XLP reduces the cost and hassle of getting power feeds and high-speed backhaul to remote cameras, sensors, or access points. The XLP system can power up to four IP cameras and can provide up to 70Mb/s of broadband IP over ordinary telephone wires across distances up to 8000ft from a power source.

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