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The TSL Flight Case mounted 2RU digital audio and video monitoring unit.

TSL’s new AMU2 audio monitoring solution supports the Dolby E audio standard and allows up to eight audio channels to be carried in a single AES stereo pair.

Used to carry 5.1 surround signals or multi-language services, Dolby E facilitates the expansion of audio capacity in a typical digital media facility. The new TSL AMU2 Dolby unit allows Dolby E and Dolby Digital signals to be accurately monitored in a wide variety of system applications such as MCR, server operations and transmission. The unit also offers assignable phase monitoring.

It is supplied with eight, 53-segment tricolor bargraphs in both PPM and VU scales and an alphanumeric display for metadata/Dolby information. It also features SNMP monitoring of errors and metadata.

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