Tribune selects Harris's Digital Turnaround Processor for 21 Stations

Tribune Broadcasting has chosen the Harris Digital Turnaround Processor (DTP) for 21 of its stations. It will be a core component in Tribune's upcoming broadcast of THE TUBE Music Network programming.

The DTP is an all-MPEG-2 compressed stream processor that allows broadcasters to splice, rate-shape and overlay still and animated graphics/logos on pre-compressed, high-definition and standard-definition streams. The DTP allows a remotely encoded DTV signal to be localized with such applications as logo overlays, crawls, time and temperature, stock information, and local weather and news, enabling content owners to derive additional revenue from their national content by making it more relevant to local audiences.

THE TUBE will be available on Tribune television stations in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and 15 other major U.S. markets, potentially reaching 17 to 19 million homes. Tribune stations will begin broadcasting THE TUBE Music Network programming this summer.

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