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Telestream FlipScan filters user-generated media for Web

Telestream has introduced FlipScan, a new capability for FlipFactory transcoding products. FlipScan automatically scans, analyzes and validates incoming video, audio and metadata destined for the Web or other distribution platforms. Based on user-defined business rules, FlipScan accepts or rejects the content and sends notifications, eliminating manual intervention.

User-generated media presents a unique challenge. Large volumes of unorganized content often arrive in unrecognizable formats. The content itself is typically short-form, low-bandwidth material that may or may not carry metadata that describes the media. The challenge is how to cost-effectively manage this inbound media, notify senders of rejected content and reformat and process the media for distribution to destination platforms.

Specifications are available to meet nearly any situation, including formats, codecs, video frame size, resolution, aspect ratio and more. Incoming files are scanned and compared to the rule set. If a piece of media fails to meet specified criteria, notification is sent to users and senders with an explanation of the failure.

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