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Telenor rolls out BGAN service

Telenor Satellite Services in early December launched its Broadband Global Area Network Service (BGAN) in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Commencement of BGAN service coincided with Inmarsat's launch of the new global voice and broadband data service. BGAN is a global, mobile service that provides voice and broadband data simultaneously. BGAN is the latest addition to the Telenor Portfolio of Broadband, On Demand and Value Added Services. Telenor Satellite Services offers Terralink, a proprietary IP networking platform and global points of presence (PoP) network, enabling high-performance IP networking.

The Telenor BGAN PoP located in Norway is an integrated part of the Inmarsat BGAN Core Network and is connected to the Inmarsat Satellite Access Station through high-capacity leased lines. Terralink enables IP-connectivity for all BGAN services, including the new streaming IP services with guaranteed data rates up to 256Kb/s.

BGAN coverage in the Americas is due in the first half of 2006.

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