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Telecom operators invest more in subscriber data management

Recently released is the Infonetics Research “Subscriber Data Management Software and Integration Services.” "Subscriber data management (SDM) solutions are increasingly being viewed as strategic tools that can help operators better monetize their existing assets," said Shira Levine, Infonetics Research's directing analyst for next-generation OSS and policy.

"Fixed and mobile networks and OSS/BSS systems contain a staggering amount of valuable data that operators must be able to extract, normalize and analyze, but to do so, they need a platform that can pull that data together and act as a centralized repository. This recognition will drive the worldwide subscriber data management market to $853 million by 2013," according to the report.

Other predictions from the Infonetics report include:

  • Operators see SDM software as key for cutting OPEX by reducing revenue leakage, speeding time to market for new revenue-generating services like mobile TV, and streamlining delivery of next-generation services;
  • Although many operators are cutting capital expenditure budgets, spending on SDM solutions will increase worldwide for SDM; and
  • Churn management, customer segmentation and revenue assurance require the ability to compile a complete picture of the subscriber; however, operators' primary challenge in implementing SDM is overcoming the organization's functional "walled gardens" and eliminating information silos.

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