TecNec releases new switcher, amplifier

TecNec Distributing announced the availability of a new matrix switcher and distribution amplifier.

The company released the Ocean Matrix OMX-SW8X8, a professional-grade 8 x 8 vertical interval matrix switcher for composite video and stereo audio signals. The matrix switcher allows the user to route any input to any or all outputs simultaneously. Because the machine switches during the vertical interval, transitions are glitch-free when sources share a common reference sync. Video bandwidth of 200MHz ensures transparent operation even in the most critical applications. Audio breakaway allows for independent AV switching.

Ocean Matrix’s OMX-DA10XL is an AV distribution amplifier featuring looping video and audio stereo inputs, splitting each to 10 outputs. A front-panel switch offers the choice of unbalanced stereo or balanced mono, and trimmers on the panel face allow for adjustment of the output AV levels, as well as video cable equalization. Groups of five outputs may be individually trimmed for level and cable EQ to achieve different compensations for different cable lengths.

For more information, please visit www.tecnec.com/SearchProduct.asp?item=OMX%2DSW8X8&off=0&sort=prod and www.tecnec.com/SearchProduct.asp?off=0&sort=prod.