TASCAM releases new multi-track recorders

The lines that once separated quality audio equipment from the cheap stuff — meaning unusable in a professional setting —continue to crumble.

Wylie Stateman, the highly respected sound recordist I interviewed recently, relies on the Sound Devices 788T for his work on movies like “Django Unchained.” Known for its durability, the 788T is unlikely to break down in the field. If something does go wrong, however, Stateman will turn to one of the inexpensive recorders (which may retail for no more than a couple of hundred dollars) he uses as redundant devices.

Need a recorder with six channels (two Mono and two Stereo/Mono) and a built in condenser microphone to capture audio in the field, or at home? This device, and its big brother, the DP-008EX, are worth taking a look it.

Check out the complete TASCAM line.