SWE-DISH Suitcase wins AsiaSat type approval

The SWE-DISH Suitcase is designed for live broadcast video and data transmission from remote or temporary locations.

Asia regional satellite operator AsiaSat has granted the SWE-DISH Suitcase approval to operate with its satellite transponders.

AsiaSat provides services to both the broadcast and telecommunications industries. More than 200 television channels and 130 radio channels are now delivered via the company’s satellites, reaching 96 million households with more than 360 million viewers across the Asia Pacific region. Previously, the product won test approval from IPSTAR.

With the approvals, it is easier for SWE-DISH Suitcase users to sign up for satellite capacity. The Suitcase is tailored for live broadcast video and data transmission, Internet traffic, store and forward, and VoIP from remote or temporary locations.

For more information, visit www.swe-dish.com.

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