SSL announces upgrades to C100 digital broadcast console

MORSE resource sharing technology expands the efficiency of the SSL C100 console in multi-studio environments.

Solid State Logic announced two upgrades to the company’s C100 console last month at NAB2006 in Las Vegas. The C100 will now offer resource-sharing capabilities with a Modular Resource Sharing Engine (MORSE). In addition, a new IFB master channel was announced.

MORSE is an expandable resource-sharing engine designed specifically for zero downtime in multi-studio broadcast applications. It enables any studio floor to be routed to any control room allowing broadcasters to mix and match program source rooms to available C100 consoles. Optional PC control software can be used to create password-protected user accounts in order to control ownership of assets, ensuring smooth workflow and trouble-free operation.

The MORSE system is comprised of a modular I/O, stageboxes and router hardware. The hardware features low-power consumption, convection cooling, and uses proprietary flash memory technology, eliminating common causes of failure and offering silent operation that allows positioning on the studio floor. Additional MORSE features include full redundancy, support for more than 6000 audio paths, and fiber optic connections for immunity to an electrical interference.

SSL also announced a new master channel section for the C100 console at NAB. The IFB master channel delivers simple, fast, direct access to multiple comm busses for intuitive handling of complex IFB requirements. It is compatible with existing C100 consoles, and can be used in combination with the original master channel section.

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