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Solid State Logic showcases Gravity Media Production at NAB2008

Solid State Logic showcased the Gravity Media Production Management System at NAB2008. Gravity provides a high-speed network capable of handling the delivery of news stories in a renderless, distributed environment. Key features of the system include HD and SD editing with effects on the same timeline, proxy editing while recording and the capability to generate multiple simultaneous output formats in different resolutions to cover any broadcasting situation.

The Gravity system is based on eight key features: an asset management system with content management tools; a scheduler for controlling encodes and decodes; the encoder and decoder for multiple simultaneous streams of source content; the Gravity Package Production Tool (PPT) video editor designed for breaking news; the Gravity Data Server; the Gravity Studio Monitor; and the Gravity Web Client for remote system access from any location using a standard PC with a high-speed Internet connection.

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