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Smart Antenna Technologies Announces Multi-Frequency Antenna

Smart Antenna Technologies has announced it has a single antenna technology for mobile devices, allowing multiband coverage with performance matching that of separate antennas. The technology is based on research by Professor Peter Hall and his team at the University of Birmingham (UK).

The announcement stated:

“The patented solution uses a novel foil or printable antenna and control chip to produce a compact multi-frequency antenna. SAT’s single antenna solution is expected to ultimately cost a few dollars per handset compared to U.S. $20 per handset for existing antennas. Additionally, SAT uses software re-configurable hardware enabling manufacturers to produce one device for all territories, reduce costs and streamline manufacturing and logistics.”

Given the current situation in the United States where the FCC is reallocating spectrum from the federal government and others for wireless broadband, tunable antennas such as this from Smart Antenna Technologies could be very useful. While it does appear to cover a wider frequency range, there are several other companies making tunable antennas and it is difficult to tell from the announcement whether Smart Antenna Technologies solution is better than the others.

Doug Lung is one of America's foremost authorities on broadcast RF technology. He has been with NBC since 1985 and is currently vice president of broadcast technology for NBC/Telemundo stations.