Skyline debuts new features for DataMiner

Skyline Communications is releasing version 4.2 of its DataMiner multi-vendor network management platform for HFC broadband, satellite, broadcast and IPTV environments. The release features new developments designed to reduce operational expenses and includes DMS Executive Dashboards, DMS Business Intelligence and DMS Mobile Web Access.

DMS Business Intelligence lets operators track the Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance of their operations in real-time, and to consult detailed historical SLA performance data.

DMS Executive Dashboards allows operators to consolidate all the essential information and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the most complex multi-vendor technical environments into a single intuitive graphical user interface.

DMS Mobile Web Access is a uniform graphical user interface, specifically tailored for the latest generation of mobile devices, including smart phones, PDAs and UMPCs. It enables users from virtually any location to consult information on devices, systems, services and SLAs across the entire operational environment.

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