Siano/BYD Launch New Mobile DTV Car Receivers

This week Siano announced a partnership with BYD, China's foremost independent automobile manufacturer, to integrate Siano-powered entertainment systems into select BYD car models. BYD's in-car digital TV receiver will use Siano's CMMB (China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting) receiver chipset, the SMS1180.

The SMS1180 is fully qualified by AEC-Q100 certification and offers a single-chip solution for a Mobile DTV receiver with MRC (maximum ratio combining) diversity reception. Siano says the SMS1180 is the “most adopted CMMB chip by automobile OEMs.”

“With the type of customers we serve, we cannot compromise on quality,” said Yu-bo Lian, BYD's vice president and chief engineer for automobile business and general manager of the company’s 13th business division. “This is what made Siano's receiver units the right choice for us. We tested the units under extreme mobility conditions and the results were exceptionally good. The future holds a growing demand for in-car digital TV solutions and we welcome Siano as long term collaborative partner.”

Wang Wei, general manager of Siano China added, “Since entering the Chinese market in 2006, Siano has taken great pride in being part of the multimedia and infotainment systems for market leaders such as BYD. Recent test results showed that CMMB reception was flawless, the picture was clear and sound quality was exceptionally good, even under extreme mobility conditions. This is testimony to Siano's position as a driving force in China's CMMB market.”

In addition to CMMB, Siano offers MDTV receiver chips for other standards, including ATSC-M/H and a line of multi-standard chips that are able to receive DVB-H/T, T-DMB, DAB, DAB+/DAB V.2 and ISDB-T 1/3-Seg as well as FM radio with RDS.

Siano will be at CES 2013 in LVH hospitality suite 322.

Doug Lung

Doug Lung is one of America's foremost authorities on broadcast RF technology. He has been with NBC since 1985 and is currently vice president of broadcast technology for NBC/Telemundo stations.