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Shenick unveils diversifEye GA version 8.2

Shenick has announced its diversifEye GA software version 8 updates featuring an upgrade designed to make testing with tens of gigabytes of information easy and intuitive.

With diversifEye 8.2, Shenick can now support millions of test entities with test setup, execution and teardown in just a few clicks.

The latest diversifEye GA release includes new functions, such as:
· Capabilities for emulating SIP video conferencing as well as legacy H.323;
· Automated multicast tunneling testing for content delivery optimization;
· Secure VPN upgrades supporting both IPv4 and IPv6;
· VPN support for vendors in mobile, secure government and defense environments to help determine functional and performance Quality of Service (QoS) and QoE limitations even at individual per-flow levels.