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Satellite Update for Jan. 4, 2013

From FCC Report SAT-00920, “Satellite Space Applications Accepted for Filing”:

• LightSquared Subsidiary LLC requested an extension of its license term for MSAT-2 at 103.3 degrees west longitude (WL) to allow more time for transitioning customers to its second-generation SkyTerra-1. MSAT-2 uses 1530-1544 MHz and 1545-1559 MHz (space-to-Earth) and 1631.5-1645.5 MHz and 1646.6-1660.5 MHz (Earth-to-space) for service links and 13.0-13.15 GHz and 13.2-13.25 GHz (Earth-to-space) for feeder links. Telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C) uses center frequencies 11.7005 GHz and 11.701 GHz, (space-to-Earth), and 14.0005 GHz and 14.4995 GHz, (Earth-to-space).

• EchoStar Satellite Operating Corporation requested special temporary authority (STA) for 180 days to operate EchoStar 15 at 61.65 degrees WL and provide DBS service on DBS Channels 1-22 and 25-32, using 17.3-17.8 GHz for Earth-to-space connectivity and 12.2-12.7 GHz for space-to-Earth linkage.

• Iridium Constellation LLC requested modification of its authorization for a constellation of non-geostationary-orbit Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) satellites to permit a spare satellite to be positioned in a parking orbit at a mission altitude of 778 km, approximately 300 km behind one of the operational satellites in the Iridium constellation, rather than its currently authorized parking orbit at 645 km. TT&C operations for the spare satellite will use 19.4-19.5 GHz (space-to-Earth) and 29.1-29.3 GHz (Earth-to-space) frequency bands.

From FCC Report SAT-00921, “Actions Taken”:

• The FCC International Bureau's Satellite Division granted in part (with conditions), and denied in part, an application from DirecTV Enterprises, LLC for STA to Dec. 31, 2012, to conduct TT&C operations necessary to maintain DirecTV 1R at 55.8 degrees East Longitude (EL) using center frequencies 17.305 GHz and 17.799 GHz (Earth-to-space); and 12.69825 GHz and 12.69925 GHz (space-to-Earth). The Satellite Division denied DirecTV's request for a grant nunc pro tunc (now for then). On Dec. 14, 2012, DirecTV was granted STA for 30 days to conduct in-orbit testing of DirecTV 1R using 12.2-12.5 GHz (space-to-Earth) and 17.3-17.8 GHz (Earth-to-space).

• Intelsat License LLC received STA for 30 days to perform TT&C operations with Intelsat 707 to execute end-of-life maneuvers to boost Intelsat 707 from 53.0 degrees WL to a disposal orbit with a minimum perigee altitude of 150 km above the geostationary arc using center frequencies 3948.0 MHz and 3952.0 MHz (space-to-Earth) and 6173.7 MHz and 6176.3 MHz (Earth-to-space).

• Intelsat was granted STA for 30 days to continue to provide Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) from Intelsat 701 at 157.0 degrees EL using 3700-4200 MHz, 10.95-11.2 GHz, 11.45-11.70 GHz, 11.7-11.95 GHz, and 12.5-12.75 GHz (space-to-Earth) and 5925-6425 MHz and 14.0-14.5 GHz (Earth-to-space). TT&C is authorized on specified C-band frequencies.

• The Satellite Division granted a request from Intelsat for STA to continue to conduct TT&C operations with Intelsat 706 to drift it from 72.0 degrees EL to 157.0 degrees EL using specified C-band frequencies.

• Intelsat received STA for 60 days to continue to conduct TT&C necessary to drift Intelsat 702 from 47.5 degrees EL to 33.0 degrees EL using specified C-band frequencies. Intelsat is also allowed to temporarily operate Intelsat 702 in inclined orbit mode at 33.0 degrees EL and provide FSS in the 3700-4200 MHz, 10.95-11.2 GHz, 11.45-11.7 GHz, and 12.5-12.75 GHz frequency bands (space-to-Earth) and 5925-6425 MHz and 14.0-14.5 GHz (Earth-to-space).

• Iridium Constellation LLC was granted STA for 60days to modify the operations of its “Big LEO” band non-geostationary satellite orbit constellation to continue to operate satellite SV023 as a non-transmitting spare satellite approximately 300 km behind satellite SV094 at an altitude of approximately 778 km. Iridium also received STA for 60 days to continue to co-locate one if its space in-orbit satellites with another satellite in its orbital constellation.