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S4C buys Dalet Media Library for broadcast operations

Dalet has announced that S4C, public broadcaster for Wales, has chosen DaletPlus Media Library to manage media and programs for their broadcast operations. S4C has been airing a wide range of programs in both Welsh and English since 1982. The implementation of Dalet’s Media Library solution will enable the broadcast operations team to more effectively organize programs and create promos.

DaletPlus Media Library enables the S4C staff to ingest media and programs directly to workstations via Blackmagic Decklink cards or to the Omneon server. As programs are dubbed, they are indexed into the DaletPlus Media Library’ asset manager and automatically stored in the most appropriate place — this could be standard IT storage, a Ciprico NAS server or the Omneon playout server. The DaletPlus conversion server generates a Windows Media viewing proxy.

S4C has total of 15 DaletPlus Media Cutter editing workstations that allow the team to browse the Media Library catalogue, make slot selections and export to Final Cut Pro for promo production. Once finalized, promos are checked back into the DaletPlus Media Library catalogue. Program schedules are also imported into the Media Library.

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