Pure launches second-generation iPad, Android music apps at CES 2013

Pure announced second-generation Pure Connect apps for iPad, iPhone and Android devices, which have been designed with content and music discovery at their heart.

The new Pure Connect app gives users access to local music on their smartphone or tablet, thousands of radio stations, on-demand program and podcasts, as well as millions of music tracks via the Pure Music subscription service.

Control for Pure's new Jongo multi-room music system is built into the DNA of the free Pure Connect apps. The Pure Jongo multi-room audio system allows the user to start with a single speaker and add more Jongo products for synchronized audio all around their home.

The free apps and new and improved Pure Connect website (www.pureconnect.com) have been designed with content and simple, easy-to-use navigation at their heart. Music discovery is made easy with a seamless journey from the moment the user logs in, thanks to the new discovery

section, which includes smart recommendations based on the user's history.

All content is kept synced in the cloud and users can access their content intuitively from all devices wherever and whenever they want — including PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices, or any Pure Music streaming product that is linked to Pure Connect.