Pro-Bel launches Morpheus Foundation entry-level automation

Pro-Bel has launched Morpheus Foundation, which allows broadcasters to install entry-level automation. Conventional automation often needs customization of the many third-party interfaces that are inevitable in broadcast automation. Morpheus Foundation is designed to meet the needs of stations wanting to automate that don't have the complex requirements of a major network.

Based on format and device-independent platforms, Morpheus Foundation provides a self-contained, fast and responsive environment in two configurations: single channel and multichannel (for up to six channels). A typical client may use a single server, with ingest from tape, as files, or scheduled and live record. Morpheus provides complete asset management of clips from ingest to air.

By capturing in detail a user's requirements and planned environment at the time of purchase, the system is fully specified and configured at the factory. This means that it can be shipped, installed and commissioned as fast as possible.

Morpheus Foundation addresses all the key areas of content management and delivery: ingest, storage management, playout, master control and router automation, real-time manual intervention and feedback, graphics/logo insertion, closed captioning/subtitling, GPI interface, extended data services, EAS integration, traffic interface, schedule and as-run log conversion options. Soon to be released options include record interfaces to ad delivery systems from DG Systems and Pathfire.

If a client's requirements become more sophisticated, Foundation can be upgraded to the scalable and modular Morpheus automation and media management, with additional features like secondary event management and interfaces to data archives.

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