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Pleora Technologies, test SD-SDI via Ethernet transport

Pleora Technologies and have completed the first stage of a technical trial to stream live SD-SDI video and audio across Amsterdam over a standard Ethernet network.

In early April, Fabchannel used Pleora’s PL1453A EtherCast Video IP Engine to transmit an uncompressed video and audio feed from an SD camera at Amsterdam’s Paradiso music hall to another city location. The SD feed was streamed in real time over a standard, fiber-based Gigabit Ethernet link.

The next stage of the trial, scheduled for May, will multicast live SD footage from the Paradiso to several Amsterdam destinations at the same time across a multi-hop Gigabit Ethernet LAN.

During the Fabchannel trial, one of Pleora’s PL1453A EtherCast Video IP Engines was deployed at the Paradiso and another at Fabchannel’s production facility several hundred meters away. The engine at the Paradiso efficiently converted the video and audio output from an SD camera to IP and sent it over the GigE link to the second engine. The receiving engine returned the feed to its original SD-SDI format. Video quality was excellent, and the transfer was lossless.

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