Pixelmetrix extends its test and monitoring palette with the DVAgent

EndGame provides end-to-end monitoring to STB
The Pixelmetrix service dashboard screen shows the headend, network and the end-user status information for each and every customer in real time.

Pixelmetrix extends its test and monitoring palette (DVStation and DVStation-IP3) with the DVAgent, an agent that sits on the STB.

Broadcasting digital video is more than just taking the source and forwarding it to the clients. It is about saving bandwidth with different encoding methods, picking suitable channels by multiplexing them into a bundle, adding additional data like EPG, parental guide or age-rating, etc. The distribution of the content (video, audio, data) to the end-user (subscriber) takes place via different technologies. Transferring the content (signal) from one technology to another brings variables where the content can get corrupted. To be able to figure out where the problem in the delivery chain lies, different monitoring points are needed.

STB agents close the monitoring loop. Pixelmetrix EndGame provides monitoring and also aggregates the information into services-centric intelligence for integration with the operators’ OSS/ BSS.

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