Panasonic, Dejero integrate product strengths

Leveraging the breadth of the Panasonic product line, Panasonic System Communications Company has partnered with Dejero to offer a bonded cellular video uplink solution using Panasonic’s ruggedized Toughbook branded laptop computers and Dejero LIVE+ NewsBook software.

Running on the Toughbook laptops, LIVE+ NewsBook is designed to offer a powerful yet easy-to-use newsgathering solution that enables news crews to transmit live video feeds as well as recorded/edited files back to the station.

When packaged with a Panasonic Toughbook 31, Toughbook 52 or Toughbook 53, the Dejero LIVE+ NewsBook software provides flexible bonding of any available cellular and other data networks, including Wi-Fi and even a LAN connection, to create an aggregated data path for the Dejero adaptive encoder or for file transfers. This enables live streaming of broadcast-quality video from HD-SDI camera inputs, with HD-SDI output played to air by the Dejero LIVE+ Broadcast Server. File transfers use the bonded data links and the LIVE+ NewsBook’s store-and-forward capabilities. News crews can use this capability to upload a complete and edited video package file.

The Panasonic/Dejero system differs from typical standalone transmitters in that it allows the user to leverage whatever connectivity is available at a given location. Starting with the Toughbook PC’s internal Wi-Fi and 4G modems, the software can also leverage available networked LAN connections, as well as bandwidth from external radios a customer attaches to the Toughbook's USB ports.

For example, a news crew conducting an interview in a hotel could activate the computer’s internal 4G modem, the hotel’s LAN and a Wi-Fi hot spot on the reporter’s smart phone. The result is a higher-quality live video transmission with lower latency and sufficient bandwidth to transmit broadcast-quality video.