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Over the Top Productions chooses Streambox to stream live video from bike race

Streambox recently announced that Over the Top Productions, a Boulder, CO-based cycling website, is using Streambox Live to stream live video content from bicycle races to their site. Over the Top Production’s most recent streamed event was the Tour of California, which utilized StreamboxME Pro software encoders installed on a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Android Camera and an AT&T iPhone.

The StreamboxME Pro encoders enable easy streaming via the new Streambox Live Service. All video from the course was sent to the globally deployed Streambox Live servers, where the live feed was transformed into multiple bit rates to accommodate users on different platforms to view video streams for mobile and desktop delivery. Amazon CDN was then used to deliver video to an unlimited number of iPhones, iPads, Android devices and Internet-connected TVs around the world.

Now that OTT Productions is able to stream live video from races, it is using Streambox Live at the finish line of the Race Across America ride ending in Annapolis, MD, on the weekend of June 22. He will be capturing riders as they cross the finish line, as well as conducting post-race interviews.

Streambox Live solves first- and last-mile video issues and makes streaming events easy and affordable. Users can reliably capture video on any mobile device using inexpensive ad-hoc LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi connections, allowing them to focus on the creative portion of the event.