Outpost Digital chooses Genelec for post upgrade

No audio monitor company dominates the audio post marketplace, but Genelec can rightfully claim to be a top provider in this area of the industry. Outpost Digital, a New York City-based audio and video post production company, added 13 post suites to its complex in 2011, and recently upgraded three surround sound rooms.

Genelec 5.1 monitoring systems were installed in all three. The Genelec systems were sold to Outpost Digital by Audio Incorporated, of Roselle Park, NJ.

“Genelec’s DSP and Auto-Cal are well-suited for post facilities because they let those facilities adjust the focal point of the monitoring system to anywhere in the control room, which is brilliant for clients, who can have the sweet spot anywhere in any room customized for them,” said Mike York, Director of Sales at Audio Incorporated. “We sell a lot of Genelec speakers into the post market for that reason, as well as the fact that they sound great, offer incredibly accurate uncolored monitoring, and come with fantastic technical support after the sale.”

More information on the 8240A Bi-Amplified Active Monitors and 7270A Active Subwoofers that were installed in Outpost Digital’s two main coloring and mastering studios, and the Genelec SE (Small Environment) Smart Active Monitor (SAM) System and the 8130A Bi-Amplified Active Monitors and SE7261A Active Subwoofer placed in the company’s Pro Tools editing suite can be found on the Genelec website.