Nozema Services turns to Harmonic for efficient DVB-T solution

Nozema Services, one of the largest nationwide terrestrial broadcasters in The Netherlands, is deploying a complete digital TV solution, including the Harmonic DiviCom multi-service encoding platform and DiviTrack multiplexing solutions, for its DVB-T service upgrade scheduled to go live later this year.

With this deployment, The Netherlands is expected to be one of the first countries in Europe to discontinue transmission of analog over-the-air television.

Aiming to improve bandwidth efficiency to deliver its 23 channels of television and 18 radio stations, Nozema Services is relying on Harmonic's DiviCom encoders. The encoders will provide a simple migration path from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 AVC (H.264).

Nozema Services operates a central headend and 11 regional transmission facilities currently reaching 65 percent of the country's homes. It will use Harmonic's DiviTrackIP closed-loop distributed statistical multiplexing solution to dynamically allocate bandwidth to each program according to complexity of the video and facilitate the creation of localized channel lineups.

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