NFL kicks off second season with Vizrt

The NFL Network kicked off a second season with Vizrt’s graphics rendering engine at the core of its insert graphics system. The NFL Network has eight Viz|Engines installed at its studio in Culver City, CA, where several programs, including the network’s flagship show “NFL Total Access,” are produced. The NFL Network also covers the NFL draft and produces a variety of shows that highlight NFL action on the gridiron and off.

Two Viz|Engine renderers and one Viz|Trio CG were deployed for production of “Thursday Night Football” and “Saturday Night Football,” during which eight NFL regular season games were shown on the NFL Network beginning on Thanksgiving and running through the Dec. 29 matchup between the Patriots and Giants.

For the 2007 season, the network worked with Reality Check Studios to create the graphics and animations for NFL games in Viz|Artist. “Thursday Night Football” and “Saturday Night Football” programs are graphics-intensive, including lower-third graphics, player statistics, clock and score, passing and rushing yardage as well as full-screen stats.

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