New report guides broadcasters through HD ENG transition

A newly released report from assesses HD technology for electronic newsgathering and is intended to assist news operations as they make the transition from SD to HD.

The report, “HD ENG News Technology for TV Stations,” offers 98 pages of insight into the direction of HD ENG technology. It details HD camcorders and ENG camera back microwave TX units shown and announced at NAB2005.

The report contains five major chapters, including:

  • News delivery in SD and HD
  • HD formats and storage analysis
  • The ideal HD ENG camcorder
  • HD ENG camcorders at NAB2005
  • HD ENG microwave at NAB2005

The report primarily addresses TV stations, networks and group owners planning to transition to HD ENG and HD news operation over the next several years. It is aimed at news executives and management; engineering directors and TV station executives; as well as network and group owner management engaged in news operations.

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