New DNF Controls products at NAB2006

The DMAT sports controller from DNF controls.

NAB2006 debuts enhancements to three DNF products:

  • 3040P/DLO playout and automation system gets option of as-run log
  • The DMAT-O-EZ Sport Controller, allows videotape operators to simplify their transition to sports control. Users can mark and save cues quickly and easily and recall them with minimal keystrokes for slow-motion instant replays. Users get fast access to information using the DMAT display while the T-Bar ensures maximum and precise speed control.
  • The GTP-32 GPI Tally Processor (previously the Tally Interface Box) processes and distributes GPIs and tallies between mobile trucks, production facilities, and broadcast facilities. DNF offer an Event Log option for logging all GPI or GPO events time-stamped with a real-time clock, or LTC time code.

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