New browse system from Omneon

Omneon ProBrowse system automates proxy generation to facilitate immediate content viewing and management

Omneon has introduced ProBrowse, a complementary system to the Omneon Spectrum media server for creating and displaying low-resolution (proxy) versions of full-resolution material contained within the server system. Automatic proxy generation, coupled with user-selectable thumbnail images and metadata searching, significantly simplify clip identification and viewing for more efficient operations enterprise-wide.

The Omneon ProBrowse System monitors content directories within any number of networked Omneon Spectrum servers and automatically generates 1 Mb/s low-resolution versions of all material, including any new material being ingested or copied into the system via live recording or IP transfer. Proxies are made immediately available for viewing on any networked PC using standard viewers such as Windows Media Player and QuickTime Player, or Omneon ProBrowse Desktop. ProBrowse proxies are also available to broadcast applications including automation systems, newsroom systems, and content management systems.

The Omneon ProBrowse Desktop application allows users to view proxies on a standard PC, add or change metadata, and mark in and out points on clips for playback from the Omneon Spectrum server. In addition to jogging and shuttling through the proxy material, operators can select a specific frame to serve as the icon, or visual representation, of the clip.

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