New AmiNET131 HD set-top box offers H.264 support

IPTV set-top box supplier Amino has launched the AmiNET131, its latest HD set-top box, which supports an H.264 video codec.

The AmiNET131 builds on the advanced performance of the company's HD H.264/AVC platform. New features include a full suite of connectors on the rear panel together with an LCD display and controls in the front panel for easy navigation. Sleek styling makes the AmiNET131 well suited for high value deployments with tech-savvy consumers.

The AmiNET131 provides service operators with a scaleable solution, enabling innovative future-proof services, including home networking. The STB presents a range of flexible options, which will include coax, phone line, power line and wireless technologies for reliable HD media streaming around the home.

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