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NEP Visions launches1080p-capable OB vehicle

NEP Visions, the U.K.-based European subsidiary of NEP, announces the launch of Atlantic, the newest addition to the company's fleet of 16 HD-capable OB vehicles. According to the company, the new triple-expander is the U.K.'s first fully integrated 1080p, 3G-capable OB vehicle, with the ability to produce a full single-path broadcast in 1080p50 or 1080p60.

It it also the U.K.'s first truck to feature cameras and production systems that were, until recently, not even available in 1080p — such as Grass Valley's Kayenne production switcher and support for up to 30 Grass Valley digital LDK 8000 cameras. The truck also houses eight new EVS XT3 servers wired to support 48 EVS channels and is also fully capable of producing 16 levels of discrete 5.1 audio.

The truck also offers a layout of 850sq ft of production space when it is fully expanded — about the size of a three-bedroom apartment. The truck's reduced footprint is an important benefit when space is at a premium.

In a break from the standard layout of a traditional OB vehicle, Atlantic is designed to recreate the internal ergonomics and layout of a traditional studio setup — with at least 10ft of head space in many areas and a fresh, appealing interior appearance.