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NBC hub monitors signal quality with Videotek

NBC’s Southeast Hub has selected Videotek's Signal Quality Manager (SQM) to provide monitoring of four Telemundo owned and operated stations in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Miami. The SQM system monitors the affiliate's signals from NBC's Southeast Hub in Miramar, FL, which distributes content and monitors operations for nine digital stations in the Southeast.

The NBC Southeast Hub will use the SQM system to verify the quality of signals played out by the automation system, as well as to monitor the output of an analog demodulator in order to verify that the signal is being broadcast. The SQM’s A/B bypass feature will enable NBC to automatically bypass to a network feed on an incoming satellite IRD in the event that the local automation system fails.

For real-time, unattended monitoring, the SQM serves as the checkpoint of a facility's operations center, continuously monitoring the conditions of all common audio and video formats. Developed to detect errors in the signal path and pinpoint the exact location of the error, the SQM system reduces monitoring costs and provides the opportunity for immediate corrective action.

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