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NAGRA shows broadcast-to-IP gateway

NAGRA has introduced a broadcast-to-IP gateway that will allow live TV to be delivered to IP-enabled devices without impacting a consumer's existing live TV viewing experience.

The NAGRA gateway box uses NAGRA content protection and is powered by NAGRA's OpenTV middleware. It is a new in-home edge device that acts as an independent content access point that tunes to subscribed services and transcodes to the proper format without disrupting household viewing.

Connected through Ethernet to a Wi-Fi router, the box receives an incoming broadcast signal through a coax cable. It uses NAGRA's studio-certified in-home DRM system, NAGRA Persistent Rights Management (PRM), to enable secure wireless streaming of linear programming to authorized viewing devices within the home, such as tablets, smartphones and PCs. The gateway is complemented by NAGRA Media Player, a secure media player for open devices, which supports a rich and highly customizable user experience using extended rich metadata from third-party providers.