Mushroom Networks unveils Streamer

Mushroom Networks has announced Streamer, a portable device that bonds multiple broadband connections (fixed or wireless) into a single high-speed pipe optimized for transmitting live high-quality video and audio webcasts.

Streamer works with various webcasting equipment, such as encoders, switchers, software encoders on laptops as a video source and any Content Delivery Networks (CDN), such as Ustream, Livestream,, Akamai and Limelight.

Streamer delivers a solution for streaming live video to the Web from anywhere cellular service is available. For example, four wireless broadband connections can be bonded together to ensure enough bandwidth resources are available to stream real-time content with high-quality and reliability without any interruption.

Streamer is a plug-and-play setup and will accept a video stream via an Ethernet cable connecting the Streamer to a video source and send a stream to a CDN or video server.