MSTI Holdings signs agreement with CSI Digital

MSTI Holdings, a carrier class communications technology company that specializes in providing quadruple play services to residential, hospitality and commercial properties, has signed an agreement with Portland, OR-based CSI Digital (CSI) to provide an integrated IPTV platform in New York City.

The IPTV content will initially include more than 300 channels in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 formats including HDTV offerings, popular basic and premium cable networks, and a variety of ethnic programming, local stations and all-music channels.

CSI Digital is a nationwide provider of content and communications services. The company provides wholesale digital content (voice, video or data) to service providers. Its customers include multiple system operators (MSOs) seeking to cost-effectively augment and upgrade video content to MPEG-4 as well as telco operators, private providers and ISPs looking to enter the IPTV or triple-play (voice, video and data) market.

With more than 200 video channels offered in a combination of SD and HD formats, the IPTV content is delivered in a preformatted stream so providers are able to acquire turnkey, wholesale digital content packages without processing the raw video programming themselves.

MSTI Holdings specializes in video to the desktop, video conferencing, distance learning, two-way data and Internet access services.

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