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Mosart Medialab introduces Mosart Cue Cards app

Mosart Medialab has released Mosart Cue Cards, an app that enables authorized tablet users working anywhere to review a current news rundown along with the script, a countdown timer for any given story, related instructions and live chat messages.

Providing mobile teleprompter functionality with real-time rundown details, the new app helps field reporters prepare for their live remotes and tells local and remote editors how much time they have to finish and deliver a story. In the studio, the app frees news anchors, talk show hosts and other in-studio staff from the teleprompter or fixed workstation.

Mosart automation simplifies the control tasks within the news production chain, giving operators efficient control and freeing specialized staff members to focus on enhancing the broadcast.

The new tablet app from Mosart simplifies and streamlines operations by giving users critical details, including the up-to-date rundown, the script, the amount of time before a story is scheduled to go live, how long the story will be on air and other messages related to the program.