Miranda unveils NVISION 9000 router controller

Miranda Technologies has made key improvements to its NVISION 9000 router control system that enable new options for router system upgrades via bidirectional communications with all NVISION routing systems and many third-party, legacy router systems.

This provides total confidence once a connection is established. Takes can be requested via established tie-lines from any control system within the facility.

The next-generation NVISION 9000 controller and its associated transition program eliminate many of those obstacles by providing centralized, integral command and control and a straight-line route to total modernization.

With the new NVISION 9000, existing routing infrastructures can be modernized in a painless progression. SD systems can migrate to 3Gb/s-HD without scrapping an existing routing and control system. Miranda's seamless bridging to legacy routers with the NVISION 9000 enables the user to minimize disruptions as the transition takes place.