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Media General streamlines news production

Media General is upgrading nine of its stations with Grass Valley’s Digital News Production (DNP) equipment.

The station group’s decision is aimed at streamlining news production by using a virtually tapeless and shared digital environment.

Standardizing on Grass Valley DNP products across the station group is also helping Media General stations transition to digital acquisition and networked tapeless production.

The new equipment provides each Media General station with a fully networked news production environment. Included are multiple Grass Valley NewsEdit NLE systems; NewsBrowse Web-based browser/editor; M-Series intelligent video digital recorders (iVDRs); IngestStation ingest management system; NewsQ Pro integrated server playout control; Profile XP Media Platform servers; and Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems.

The DNP equipment is intended to help Media General improve how it handles and repurposes digital news content, commercials, satellite feeds, graphics and promo material. Once material has been recorded onto the iVDR's hard drive or Profile server at each station, programming saved as digital files is available to anyone on the NAS network, even as it is being ingested into the system.

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