Major upgrade includes new Hitachi HD cameras

Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, Ltd. recently announced that Summit Integrated Systems, a Lafayette, CO-based systems integration firm specializing in video, audio, lighting and acoustics for the modern church, installed three new Hitachi Z-HD5000 HDTV cameras in the 1200-seat auditorium at Chase Oaks Church, in Plano, TX.

The new Hitachi cameras are part of the first phase of a major, multimillion-dollar renovation and HD upgrade of Chase Oaks Church’s auditorium. The media upgrade has already transformed the auditorium into a theater-like environment with dramatic lighting, staging and acoustics. Summit Integrated Systems, which worked closely with the project design team from Dallas-based Acoustic Dimensions, handled the equipment installation and training.

The cameras, which are situated on Vinten tripods at different locations in the seating area, primarily capture HD video of the service for display on a 22ft IMAG display on the left side of the stage. The cameras, along with a new Ross Carbonite 2-M/E production switcher, also feed video to approximately 20 displays around the facility, including the lobby and green room. Chase Oaks Church also offers video clips on demand from its website.

In the second phase of the renovation, due to begin July 1, 2013, the auditorium will be expanded with 800 additional seats, and a new 40ft IMAG display will be added center-stage.

The Hitachi Z-HD5000 camera package also included three Hitachi CU-HD500 camera control units, an RU-1000VR control panel for remote camera setup, digital optical fiber camera adapters and Canon KJ20x8.2BIRSD HD lenses.

The cameras and system also enable Chase Oaks Church to be on the cutting edge of HD video production and eventually stream live media to engage and serve its congregations.